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Friday, 20 August 2004

      Phoenix Charities was established in 2000 by Fred W. Mauney for he felt disillusioned by other ineffective charities and non-profits.

      Fred was stricken with transverse myelitis* and was diagnosed with permanent paralysis from the waist down.
He overcame his handicap enough to ride across America twice in an effort to create awareness and to demonstrate a real committment to this cause.

      Fred was given the nickname "the Phoenix" because in life he has "crashed and burned" so much.
Fred and artist friend, Shenn collaborated on the Phoenix design. They wanted to create something meaningful and different...

      The Phoenix bird is crimson red, has a dragon's head with blue eyes, a white breast, multiple razor sharp wings and emerald green talons.


"Symbols of the phoenix"

  • The Dragon's head and fiery breath represents the dual benefit and destruction of fire.
  • The razor sahrp wings meaning to attain great heights and to cut away disillusionment.
  • Crimson Red is a symbol of power, strength, and victory over oneself.
  • Sapphire Blue for truthfulness and loyalty
  • Pearl White for Purity and peace.
  • Emerald Green for growth, a touch of class, and the rejuvenating power of hope.

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